Now that you’ve read about me professionally, here is a little behind the scenes into my other interests.

I love flying airplanes.  Been flying for a several years now.  Mostly the Cessna 172.  California is a great place to fly because you can experience very different terrain in no time at all.  My home airport is Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley.  From Van Nuys about 30 mins in any direction you can fly to the desert (Mojave), the mountains (Big Bear or Mammoth), the beach (Santa Monica or Santa Barbara) or the islands (Catalina).  Within a couple hours you can even fly yourself and some friends to Vegas or Palm Springs:

Here’s a shot of my good friend Jon and I.  I flew him and my other friend Ken to Mojave last year on my Birthday.  We’re actually standing in front of Spacehip 2!  It’s the actual craft Virgin Galactic is constructing to start taking civilian passengers into space in the coming year!  The airport security guys weren’t happy we snapped this photo:

And I love me my SV650.  Here we are on a break from a great ride last year in Palos Verdes:

One of my absolute favorite things to do is travel.  Seeing the world and experiencing different cultures is what life is about.  Here’s a map of some of the places I’ve been (yellow=been there and green=going soon):

Q: If I had to hit the reset button, go back and do it all over again but directing or working in commercial entertainment wasn’t an option what would I be?

A: A chef.